Extreme Team

8 Hope Express alumni run 140 miles in the dark of night, during the depth of winter delivering letters to THON.  Their route will parallel The Hope Team route to Carlisle, then the Extreme Team will then head due north and go over the mountains.  Each runner will run 18-20 miles.

2016 Runners will be selected in the Fall of 2015.  Check back then.

2015 Extreme Team

Amanda Keightly
Britnei Godusky
Brittany Van Buskirk
Caroline Pember
Elizabeth Karat
Janelle Shakely
Joel Smith
Julie Agee
Kylee Ammerman
Wes Pederson

2014 Extreme Team

Tom Hayes
Alex Hayes
Jo Lynne Harenza
Kelsey Richardson
Lauren Wilke
Mark Willard
Ashley Kane
Cynthia Young
Megan Pesyna

2013 Extreme Team

Courtney Hughes
Mark Willard
Jess Burns
Khayla Shearer
Megan Kvederis
Shannon Kay
Anthony Calvano
Ryan Shakely
Maria Paredes Fernandez
Lauren Masi

2012 Extreme Team

Mark Willard
Allison Gabriel
Bobby Eismann
Darian Lieb
Rebecca Rundall
Lauren Masi
Stacy Forbes
Natalie Burich

2011 Extreme Team

Megan Pesyna
Brian Ghigiarelli
Jen Dotzel
Rebeccca Rundall
Maribeth Wicoff
Lauren Masi
Pat Taggart
Stacy Forbes