Why the Hope Express?

Connie is a 1990 Penn State graduate, yet it took a diagnosis of Leukemia in their son, Gabriel, for them to become aware of The Four Diamonds Fund. Over the years, they have thrown change in the cans on canning weekends, never really understanding the magnitude of what these kids do every year for Four Diamonds Families.

Hope Express is a tribute to the Four Diamonds kids and their families. By running 135 miles through central Pennsylvania, the participants will raise awareness for The Four Diamonds Fund while honoring the courageous battle these families fight every day.

For Hank and Connie, it is not so easy to explain the ‘why’. They are a Four Diamonds family and experience first hand the affect THON has on the families. They could not have endured such hardships without the support from the kids at THON, our family sponsor The Student Red Cross Club and The Four Diamonds Fund. All of these organizations have brought sunshine to many cloudy days and pulled them through some really tough times with Gabe. The Hope Express is their way of giving back.