Upcoming Moraler Fundraisers

Thirty-One Gifts Fundraiser

  • What: Bag, purses, gifts, etc.
  • When: Today through 11/23/2013
  • Why: 20% of sales will go to Hope Express FTK!!
  • Where: www.mythirtyone.com/lrmorgan – **Shop Under: Hope Express

Pampered Chef

  • What: Cooking, Entertaining, gifts, etc.
  • When: Today through 11/23/2013
  • Why: 20% of sales will go to Hope Express FTK!!
  • Where: www.pamperedchef.biz/hmanning – **Shop Under First Name “The Hope” Last Name “Express”

Origami Owl Jewelry

  • What: Bracelets, charms, necklaces
  • When: Today through 12/2/2013
  • Why: 20% of sales will go to Hope Express FTK!!
  • Where http://thelocketshoppe.origamiowl.com/parties/HopeExpress7780 – Make sure that you see “Hope Express Jewelry Bar” listed on the top right side of the screen.   At checkout page, It may ask for a Jewelry Bar Code. Thiers is: 7780.


Calling all moralers!

Every year we’re looking for moralers to help us get ready for the awe-inspiring 135-mile, 24-hour run from Hershey Medical Center to THON! HE Morale Application.

We’ll pair moralers with runners and whether it’s through care packages or phone calls, you’ll support your Hope Express runners throughout their training and over the course of the 24-hour run. There are six different morale committees to be a part of including Mail Call, Moraler Weekend, Hershey Kids and Start Line, Finish Line, Marketing/Media, and Hope Express/Extreme Team.  We welcome all fun, outgoing people who are proud to wear the color yellow!


Our committees include:

Mail Call
Members of the mail call committee will be responsible for organizing all of the mail sent to the runners for both the runners.

Hope Express/Extreme Team
This committee will be responsible for any inspirational and fun signs, activities, etc. along the actual route of the run.

Moraler Weekends
You will help plan Moraler Weekends in Philadelphia and at Hank and Connie Angus’ house on February 15-16.  This includes bonding with your fellow moralers and the Angus family, decorating the RVs, making signs and banners for the run.  Think arts & crafts

Hershey Kids and Start Line
This committee is responsible for assisting Connie Angus with the kids party at the hospital and the start line pep rally before the run begins on February 20th.  The Start Line is right outside of the entrance to the Medical Center,you’ll want a rowdy crowd to get the runners kicked-off with the right amount of energy and support!

Finish Line
The Finish Line committee covers ground from the Nittany Lion Inn to the BJC on February 21st when the runners arrive.  This involves decorating the one-mile path and organizing/participating in the Human Tunnel outside of the BJC.

We are always looking for ways to increase awareness of Hope Express through Central PA, particularly in the Hershey area and along the run routes.  If you have connections in these areas and would be willing to help with marketing and/or media/PR, this is the committee for you.

For more information contact Matt Huber at hopeexpressrelations@dmaig.org. Learn more about our moralers or make a donation on their behalf.