The Hope Express – Moralers

Every year we’re looking for moralers to help us get ready for the awe-inspiring 135-mile, 24-hour run from Hershey Medical Center to THON! HE Morale Application.  Applications are available now and due by August 31. We’ll pair moralers with runners and whether it’s through care packages or phone calls, you’ll support your Hope Express runners throughout […]

The Hope Express – Hope Team

The Hope Team The original team for The Hope Express – 14 runners carrying letters from Hershey’s Children’s Hospital 135 miles to the dancers at Penn State THON. Hope Team 2016Gabrielle Houser Brianna Bellido Kristen Schaeffer Danielle Kovalsky Ray Truex Sarah Bellido Dana Kliewer Leslie Hopper Alexandria Depasquale Rachel Wolfeimer Kirsten Mcgroary Moriah Woods Catherine […]