Breeze Electric Bike Fat Tire Review – best cheap electric bike under 1000

If you’re having a hard time finding a good bike wit fat tires for your commuting needs, then it is time to try out Breeze Electric Bike Fat Tire E-bike. This is the best electric bike that money can get you for both light on road and light off road ridings. A lot of great features are in store with this bike, and the positive energy that it brings to the riders qualifies it to be in our list of the best.

Features and Specifications

Operation Modes

The first outstanding feature worth mentioning with this ride are the four different modes of operation that it comes with; pure electric, pedal assist, traditional bike and a blend of pure electric and pedal assist. All these modes have special functions but aim at making your ride easier and smoother.

Pedal assist mode is designed for when you’re riding up-hills or during humps in a bridge. The pure electric mode, on the other hand is great for bursting high speeds and enjoying sweat-free rides. The combination of these tow enables the cyclist to ride for long distances more efficiently.

Powerful Motor and Long-Lasting Battery

This bike is equipped with a 500-watt motor. This power is strong enough to see you through a speed of 28 mph. its battery, on the other hand, is a Samsung Lithium-ion battery. A combination of this battery and the motor will comfortably see you through 22 miles when using the pure electric mode and an outstanding 50 miles on the pedal assist mode.

The Good

Great Speed and Mileage

There is no doubt that this bike is very powerful. No matter how heavy you are, it will still manage to ride at high speeds. One property that attributes to its power and fast speed is its Samsung battery. Be sure to ride for 30 miles without charging, depending on the type of terrain used. This makes the bike suitable for long distance travels.


This bike is highly versatile and works well under any condition. It is ready to tackle any challenge that comes along its way thanks to its wide tires, full suspensions, powerful motors and seven speed gears. Whether you’re gliding over sand, mud, snow or rocks, you will do it with utmost confidence. We, however, don’t recommend it for very steep hills.

The Bad

Unsuitable for Short Riders

Short people are, unfortunately, exempted from enjoying the benefits accrued by this bike. By short, we mean people below 5’9” tall. Riders in this bracket, should consider going for other options in the market.

Who Is It For?

Breeze Electric Bike Fat Tire E-bike is designed for anyone looking for an all-terrain all-season bike, not to forget that you must be above 5’9’’ tall to use it.


What this bike brings to the table is a blend of comfort, high speed, high mileage and extreme smoothness. We couldn’t ask for anything better when it comes to its performance. The bike offers you a great value for your money, and makes its purchase a good investment as the best cheap electric bike under 2000.

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